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Cadbury: Free The Joy

Cadbury: Free The Joy Play Movie

Cadbury’s launched a lip-syncing ad under the #freethejoy banner.  But the campaign needed a hero online film to breathe life into the idea and engage audiences.

The Solution: James Corden is a funny man.  That he might rap and dance to Estelle’s overlooked track Free, quickly felt like comedy gold.  The involvement of Director Ben Winston, who directed One Direction and the Brits completed the team – ensuring a great performance and both with large social footprints. The campaign climaxed on the night of the Brits with additional social media creative assets.

The film topped the Unruly chart as the most shared UK film, currently around 2.6m views.  Crafted social media content during the Brits built the campaign and led to Cadbury’s being described as the winner of the Brits.

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