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Compare the Market

Here’s what happens when you ask kids to make the roads safer. (Hint: it gets noisy!)

Zveřejnil(a) Compare The Market dne Pondělí 29. květen 2017

What happens when you ask two kids how they would make the roads safer? Hint: it gets pretty noisy…

Gravity Road were tasked by Compare the Market to create a big moment on social, by creating a fun piece of content that maxed out engagement, but at the same time got people to take notice of car insurance – all whilst promoting road safety of silent electric cars! We did just that, by teaming up with two 6-year olds who like to make a LOT of noise!

We produced a suite of online video assets that showed our ‘noise experts’ (our kids) helping to rig up an electric car with a bunch of crazy noises to make sure that the public knew it was coming! We had a lot of fun creating these films, getting our kids into the sound studio, getting them to choose different animal sounds and then watching the car being rigged up with some sweet speakers! We then took the kids out in our ‘noise-mobile’ as they controlled the noises and we tested it out on the public. Let’s just say, they could definitely hear us coming!