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Neutrogena: #maskandtask

Move over sheet masks, try hydrogel masks

Move over sheet masks, try hydrogel masks! Introducing the new mask collection from NEUTROGENA® that fits seamlessly into any skincare routine. Each Hydrogel Recovery Mask is infused with the equivalent of one entire 30 ml bottle of serum to deliver intense recovery in just 15 min. The Hydrogel Recovery Masks come in two pieces to wrap around face like second skin while you carry on with your life. Now you can #MaskandTask! Shop now on Ocado website: #Hydrogel #koreanskincare

Zveřejnil(a) Neutrogena dne Neděle 6. května 2018

Neutrogena have been a major player in the skincare category for years. Famous for
their Norwegian Formula hand cream and Visibly Clear acne solutions, their
progressive attitude towards skin science has allowed them to create high quality
products with a refreshing focus on results and efficacy.

With so many serious products on the shelf, we were delighted to work with
Neutrogena on a slightly different challenge – promoting the launch of a new
Hydroboost facemask range. Our challenge was not simple: how do we make these
candy coloured face masks a more integral part of our audience’s routine, and
capitalise on one of the hottest skincare trends in the world?

Our strategy was to align with the many tasks women carry out in their daily lives to
create a series of fun, relatable vignettes. This made up our story showing woman
placed in familiar moments – dancing round a living room, chatting to a friend on the
phone, sleeping in, rushing to get to work. But of course, we demonstrate that these
traditionally singular activities are actually the perfect opportunity to wear a mask and
treat your skin to the love it deserves. We then introduce our call to action, the
hashtag #maskandtask. The content went live in 17 countries across Facebook,
Instagram and YouTube received over seven million views (est).

But we didn’t stop there, we enlisted a group of micro influencers with highly
engaged followers, who could create a #Maskandtask movement by sharing the
product benefits by fitting the masks into their lives and creating content natural to
their channel. In order to reach a broader audience, we moved beyond the beauty
category, and engaged travel, fitness, parent, business, gamer and many more kinds
of bloggers, so the use of a face mask would feel more disruptive and cut-through
other sponsored content.