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Next Stop: Good morning’s with Belvita

Next Stop: Good morning’s with Belvita Play Movie

A new YouTube campaign for Mondelēz International biscuit brand, belVita incorporating Vogon, a dynamic YouTube overlay, that contextualises the creative based on the content the viewer is watching, the first time it has ever been used in the UK for an FMCG.


The spot features a train guard on a boring Monday morning commuter journey, in fact it was captured on 16th January, officially the most depressing day of the year. After his breakfast belVita our lovable guard sets about bringing Good Mornings to the sleepy commuters, cracking jokes over the tannoy. His good mood is truly contagious. The passengers initially raise a few odd smiles but by the time they get to their destination are in hysterics.


The spot will live as YouTube preroll. The Vogon technology, co developed by Carat, allows the serving of dynamic artwork into the base video, determined by what video it is being served against. This information is displayed on a train destination board at the beginning of the spot. So for example if the person is about to watch a music video the sign displays ‘Next Stop Banging tunes!’, a cat video will see the sign say ‘Next Stop Cute Kitten Overload’ . The technology ensures that contextually target messages will be delivered against tens of thousands of videos delivering many millions of views.