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Gravity Road developed an insightful, audience-first strategy with smart social platform distribution-thinking baked-in and turned the traditional use of brand ambassadors on its head. This led to an authentic creative campaign that non-poker playing audiences genuinely wanted to spend time with.

We identified the unique space that the mind of a sporting superstar shares with the mind of the target audience – which is that maverick minds share an instinct to pit their wits and enjoy meeting any challenge, no matter how small or trivial.

We succeeded in bringing that insight to life in the most native way possible, mimicking the topical social media feuds dominating headlines at the time by creating two faux battles of wit/skill between four elite superstar athletes that non-poker playing audiences could relate to, then playing it out authentically over their social channels.

The campaign was split into two phases and was kicked off by Neymar Jr. challenging Brazilian Ronaldo. The two Brazilian footballers competed over six social duels, trying to raise each other with more impressive displays of ingenuity every time

Duels included ‘making breakfast’ which saw Neymar Jr flip an egg into a pan over his head to make an omelette, to ‘drone wars’ which saw Ronaldo deliver his toothbrush to himself in his bedroom via a drone

The second part of the campaign began with Chicago Bulls’ Dwyane Wade showing his impressive morning wake-up routine, only for Cristiano Ronaldo to #raiseit with a morning routine of his own, becoming the most viewed video on his Instagram channel.

The result was PokerStars’ most successful campaign ever, so infectious that unconnected sport stars like Sergio Garcia joined in, helping us reach 150m views and over 13m engagements.