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Three: Oh the horror

The power of influence is something we tap into a lot with Three. Whether that is working with a creator to design phone covers to using an Instagrammer to take our fans on the best Instagram tour of London, we know how to work with these people in an authentic and meaningful way.

Therefore, when Three recently launched their latest campaign ‘Phones Are Good’: a campaign using controversial insight around negative media perception to phone usage, we wanted to support it on social to land a strong, divisive message. This was a real chance to be more ambitious, rather than creating matching luggage assets & repurposing the TV ad for social. We created a tactical suite of influencer-led content that told the brand story in a truly social way. We took away three different influencers’ phones, and created Halloween themed horror trailers to drive people to ‘Stories’ content where the influencers completed challenges.

Unlike competitors, this was a subversive, tongue-in-cheek and knowing campaign that demonstrated and celebrated everyone’s most shameful phone habits using our influencers to drive distribution.



  • 8m+ reach
  • 2.8m views (36% organic)
  • 22% engagement rate
  • 21% increase in follower growth