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Three UK x Jonathan Pie

Three UK x Jonathan Pie Play Movie

Get annoyed with your mobile signal (or lack of it sometimes?). Ever wondered if it’s got something to do with who owns and controls all that mobile spectrum?

Feeling ranty yet? Satirical news reporter Jonathan Pie (aka actor Tom Walker) certainly is. Watch him lose it in field over a litany of first world problems that will have you clicking on (a lobbying campaign, backed by Three UK, to lobby Ofcom to ensure that no telco owns more than 30% of the 4G spectrum).

In what might be the sweariest piece of Gravity Road work ever, we co-scripted the comedy monologue to land a funny polemic on the problems of monopoly.

The campaign secured over 180,000 signatures. Let’s hope Ofcom listens in the upcoming auction of mobile spectrum.

To quote one of the 000’s of comments on the Facebook feed “well played  Sir, well played:”

The Drum liked it so much they wrote this.

And if you’ve not seen Jonathan Pie before STOP LIVING UNDER A ROCK! Watch this rant on Trump that went global, and come see Gravity Road Founder Mark Eaves interview Tom Walker at Advertising Week Europe. If you’d like a ticket drop us an email or a nice/funny/cheeky tweet.