Connecting creativity with technology to make marketing better, faster, cheaper

In 2018 Gravity Road became part of You & Mr Jones, the world’s first Brandtech group – a holding company that helps brands do their marketing better, faster, and cheaper using technology.

Since we launched Gravity Road in 2011, we’ve been true to our mission to shape a new creative company that brings together the best of marketing, entertainment and technology. Now, as You & Mr Jones’ content and innovation hub, we have privileged access to deep understanding of and expert capabilities in the very latest technologies available to brands. This access provides new and unparalleled opportunities to create brand work with distinctive cultural impact.

As marketers come under increasing pressure to do more with less, technology enables every part of the brand-building process to be done better, faster and cheaper – from creating content, to producing it, to sharing it, to targeting and measuring.

Brandtech encompasses how brands can build capabilities that respond to the different demands of the digital age. Technology allows brands to connect with people in ways that have nothing to do with “advertising”, as we’ve known it.

Brandtech in action