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Shaking Things Up

Gravity Road brought Peloton and TikTok together is a multi-market longterm partnership that marks one of the biggest shake-ups of the fitness industry in many years.   The initiative was conceived and brokered by Gravity Road who with Peloton have created a large volume of TikTok specific creative..

Our Creative Approach

Part of the brand’s ‘anyone, anytime, anywhere’ proposition, Peloton’s TikTok deal reflects their shared objective of making fitness more accessible to younger audiences and breaking free from the stuffy conventions of the gym industry.

The impetus for the partnership came from a shared recognition that fitness has become more dynamic and fluid than before. Hashtags like #hotgirlwalk or #girlswholift reflects the breadth of new communities and groups creating their fitness in their image. Peloton’s strategy is to lean into this, increasingly moving at the speed of culture and setting the pace for the rest of the industry. The proximity with TikTok gives them additional insight and analyses at a significant global scale.

The Partnership

The partnership will see original Peloton content on the channel, collaborations with creators, a hub of content, Branded Missions with Creators, talent searches for new Peloton Instructors, and a range of content in-between. The content comes together with exclusive mindfulness prompts for people who’ve been scrolling for too long to remind them to get up and exercise.

The activity on TikTok will then point towards Peloton’s improved app with exclusive offers to TikTok users.  This reflects Peloton’s pivot from its hardware-only business to a software focus with renewed appeal to younger audiences. TikTok viewers will be offered free programs and trials of additional subscription content.

Starting January 5th, the partnership will roll-out in launch markets including the US, UK and Australia.

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