The best people doing their best work

Creative excellence is at the heart of what we do. We’re a place where everyone can be themselves, share ideas and use their strengths to deliver creative brilliance.

Everyone’s time at Gravity Road should be Time Well Spent. And what that looks and feels like is different for each of us depending on our role, responsibilities and life outside of work.

We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach when it comes to how we work.

We want the best people, doing their best work.

People that spend their time with us

Mark Boyd


Samirah Ravin

Finance Director

Mark Eaves


Jacinta Szuman

Managing Director

Arthur Hepburn

Account Executive

Ben Cashmore


Jo Osborn

Operations Director

Duncan Snowden

Head of Data and Insight

Seb Royce

Executive Creative Director

Charles Diable

Content Developer

Mara Rotarus


Ruairi Curran

Executive Strategy Director

Claire Petzal

Claire Petzal

Account Director

Nick Hearne

Creative Director

Anoushka Schellekens


Dom Lashley

Senior Content Developer

Peggy Nuttall

Creative Director

Lauren Chevalier

Lauren Chevalier

Account Manager

George Alleston

Account Director

Matthew Cook

Brand and People Lead

Rachel Strouvalis

Executive Assistant

Curtis Reeve


Tim Rogowski

Senior Business Director

Isabella Ding


Alex Preece

Head of Publishing and Influence

Ronak Mokhtassi


Diana Lopes

Data Analyst

Prachi Virani

Business Director

Sophie Cullinane


Miranda Witchell

Senior Account Manager

Matt Herman

Account Executive

Oli Timbs-Harrison

Account Director

Martha Robertson

Account Executive

Agnes Szyperek


Jerome Cain

Senior Account Manager

Ollie Aucamp

Account Executive

Tom Reynolds


Marina Michelson

Account Director

Ally Kingston

Strategy Director

Kate Pirouet

Senior Producer

Camille Hanish-Oakes


Life at Gravity Road

Zoom pub quiz #newnormal

Sampling a flight of Brewdog's finest non-alcoholic beer #dryjanuary #mybodyisatemple #notquiteasnicetho

It's Friday lunchtime which means it's time for @benc73's 🔥Heat Freaks🔥 Hot Sauce Club.
This week we're featuring Upton Cheyney Chilli Farm's 10, The End and Sicknote Steve's Cajun Dog House Sauce.
Ohhhh it's spicy man! 🌶

On set with Sainsbury's creating some delicious Christmas cocktails. Swipe 👉 to see the finished films at the end. 🍸🎄

Little baby Aaron distracting all the lads 👶

We ventured to Preston on Friday to capture a very special moment in honour of Sainsbury's 25 years partnership with the Poppy Appeal. Store manager Mark, son of RAF veteran Ray Harrington, wanted to show his dad appreciation for everything he has done during his service. With a little help from Sainsbury’s, a party was thrown for Ray and a personalised bouquet named after him went on sale, with £3.50 from each purchase going to the Royal British Legion.

when the whole crew's on point but one person still steals the show #halloween #brexitbus

Check out these #BTS from our recent activation with @threeuk... The video was captured volumetrically, making it possible to achieve a photo-realistic performance, viewable from any angle, at any time, and enabling camera moves unachievable using any other capture medium.

The Hologram House itself incorporates four projectors. This allows people to experience parallax (the perceived change in position of an object seen from two different places) between foreground and background, a sensation of depth unachievable on traditional broadcast platforms.

Join the team

We’re always looking to meet brilliant and curious people. If you’re looking to join a remarkable team, do your best work, and have fun along the way then please get in touch.