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Easy as Pie (Chart!)

Taking a Humorous Bite out of Advertising Pie

Creative Direction

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Our challenge was to encourage marketeers to invest more on TikTok activity by directly addressing their perceived misconceptions that 1) it’s difficult to make ads for TikTok, and 2) It’s not a performance channel.

Educating advertisers on how creating ads for TikTok is low effort but delivers high rewards in terms of performance.

Our overall goal was to get Performance Marketing Managers & Media Planners to upweight TikTok investment on media plans by showing them that creating for TikTok is a low effort (easy), high reward option for driving quality performance by getting the core messaging across.


Creative approach to the brief:

Our approach was to make the value proposition explicitly clear for performance on TikTok by getting across the key messaging points of “creative is easy” and “TikTok delivers high rewards”, whilst staying true to TikTok’s unique vibe.

To do this, we wanted to create something inherently fun, that helps to break the mould of traditionally boring LinkedIn case studies. By partnering with culturally hot Sam Cotton we did exactly this, whilst also practising what we preach by using creators with an instantly recognisable style.

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