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Indeed UK takes its first major foray into social
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Founded in 2004, Indeed is a highly successful global business with a model of using broadcast activity that drives job seekers to their website or app. Essentially Indeed makes money when people click a job ad.

They have the biggest selection of jobs in the world, and are the place of choice for main blue collar and skilled roles. Their UK market (Indeed UK) had seen a great deal of success in these areas – the NHS being one of many major customers. 

However this success had not been seen across all types of jobs – and there were many jobs not being searched for by job seekers on Indeed. In particular, many white collar roles. 


The Challenge

Get teachers and accountants to use Indeed UK to search for job vacancies.

We had to prove to teachers and accountants that Indeed has the specialisms in their fields. That we ‘get them’, understand who they are; their needs and barriers, and have the means to offer them truly relevant roles to apply for.

Indeed Works For Me

We created a two month social campaign where we addressed teachers & accountants’ misconceptions that Indeed roles were not right for them. 

As part of creative exploration, we spoke to many teachers and accountants and learned that they saw Indeed as:

  • Not having high-salary roles
  • Not having senior roles
  • Not having roles for top employers
  • Overtly London-centric

But the reality was very different. Indeed has dozens, sometimes hundreds of roles that meet the criteria, people just hadn’t looked.

Works for Me played with the idea that these job seekers were telling themselves things like “Does Indeed have high salary roles?” so that Indeed could present back the fact that “Yes. Indeed has 50+ jobs paying over £40,000 per annum in your area”. We would pepper in relevant ‘lingo’ or points of contention/humour to further demonstrate that we get them. 

The campaign took shape across multiple social assets, each with adjusted messaging, statistics or salaries, targeted to the specific verticals. We even went as far as implementing geographic targeting to enhance relevance so that people across the country knew exactly how many teacher roles there were relevant to them in their city. 



increase in traffic on teaching & accountancy terms

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