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How Gravity Road helped merge Croc's sense of adventure with Minecraft's limitless creativity
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Augmented Reality

We teamed up with Crocs and Minecraft to create a groundbreaking new product, both real and virtual by bringing consumers the first-ever pair of Crocs with augmented reality capabilities. As part of the “Choose Your Mode Campaign” we used image recognition via a WebAR portal to make the Crocs themselves the key to unlocking Minecraft AR games wherever you are, simply by scanning them. The AR activations pull users into immersive and interactive worlds based around Crocs’ distinct modes. Chill Mode unravels a relaxed gaming world based on Minecraft’s creative mode, while Sport mode turns the experience into a Survival Mode based gaming environment.



Crocs collaborates with many different brands each year to create pairs of clogs fans will love. However, while their collaborations continue to be popular amongst their fans, Crocs have wanted to elevate their collaborations to provide some added value to their customers.


Our creative approach

Just like Minecraft, Crocs is inspired by creativity, self-expression and adventure, and both distinct worlds power imagination through the infinite ways Minecraft is played and Crocs are worn. We embraced Minecraft’s different spectrums of gameplay and Crocs Sport and Chill modes to blur the lines of Crocs and Minecraft, uniting them through this parallel mechanic – leading us to the “Choose Your Mode” campaign.


The campaign was announced with the “Choose Your Mode” launch video in February across both Crocs and Minecraft’s social handles. This launch film was cited as having had the highest engagement rate of any game/metaverse/web3 post in February 2023 – beating NFL & Warner Bros Roblox announcement as well as Disney, Hugo Boss and Hello Fresh.

Capitalising on the success of the launch video, we created the “Choose Your Mode” AR experience complete with two Minecraft-inspired mini-games based on the game’s two modes of play – creative and survival mode.

Crocs Creator, a game primed for creativity, replicates the creative mode in Minecraft and allows users to choose their blocks and explore their creativity with AR builds ready for social sharing.

Crocs Crossing is an endless runner game like Temple Run. You play select a character, put on your crocs and set out on an AR Adventure to race through the world collecting jibbitz charms whilst avoiding the Mobs and Creepers.

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