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What happens when the World’s Fastest Man and the World’s Funniest Man go head-to-head?

Since summer 2017, our GameOn campaign has seen PokerStars ambassadors Usain Bolt and Kevin Hart battle it out in their social media feeds in an attempt to outwit, outsmart and out-internet each other.

With more than 160 million views, #GameOn scored more views than any other videos on Usain Bolt’s and Kevin Hart’s Facebook channels in 2017. 

Demonstrating the everyday smarts that become integral to poker, #GameOn proves we are already better poker players than we might think: reading people, bluffing, and having the courage of our convictions.

Refereed by Daniel Negreanu, the biggest live tournament winner of all time, Bolt and Hart have been sharpening their skills with a series of challenges. Who can keep a their cool whilst lying in an ice bath? Handle the heat and keep their pokerface? Who’s bare-faced enough to bluff and get away with it?

There can only be one champion!