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How Smart Energy GB used behavioural nudges to persuade smart meter sceptics
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The Challenge

Smart Energy GB has the mammoth task of convincing every single British household and small business to install a smart meter. That’s 35 million homes and businesses, making it one of Britain’s biggest (and longest) roll-out programmes.

The little dusty energy meters in the back of our cupboards don’t get too much attention (poor old things). They don’t take up much room in the house, or our minds. And let’s face it, there are more exciting things to think about than your humble meter ticking away in the background.

We’re dealing with a low-interest category here and this challenge is compounded by the fact that our target audience are notoriously difficult to persuade. They are typically older and sceptical of new technology.

As the deadline for the national roll-out creeps closer, persuading these remaining sceptics that getting a smart meter is not only good for them, but good for Britain, is becoming even more important.

So, how do we get stubborn smart meter sceptics to stop scrolling and watch a video about something they have no or little interest in? 


Smart Energy GB Out of Daters

We captured their attention with something they do have an active interest in and convinced them that updating your meter is a normal part of British progress.

We kicked off the campaign with a suite of hyper-targeted videos that reach specific users based on their online interests and behaviours. Been searching for fitness videos? We delivered a relatable message that communicates how our energy system is as dated as a 90’s workout home video.

Big on foodie accounts? We delivered a message to make you aware that our energy system is as dated as an aspic lunch (bleugh). 

Research showed that our uncompromising audience group left their cocoon of scepticism and turned into open-minded advocates. After watching the video, they agreed that ‘analogue meters are out-of-date and need updating’ and ‘smart meters are an important part of British progress’



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