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Insight, analytics and provocations to re-centre in the new normal

The new challenge

Culture and audiences are changing; quickly, and profoundly. Campaigns that are based on marketing strategies that are based on audience segmentations that have passed their use-by date are redundant.

Marketing that isn’t uniquely relevant in the present context will be ignored, and even resented, by a fatigued and anxious audience. The challenge for brand-owners is to understand how these unique times are changing the mindset of audiences and their relationships with both category and brand.

How Foresight can help

General Social Listening and Insight tools can provide broad oversight of conversation, trends and sentiment changes at scale. However, the unique, fast-changing context we are in demands more than basic monitoring – learning and insight need to come hand-in-hand with answers to the ‘so what?’ question.

Designed specifically for marketers operating in a C-19 context, Foresight builds on contextual insight with strategically informed observations, suggestions and provocations aimed at quickly and confidently informing marketing strategies.

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