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Your Halloween nightmare

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What we did

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The challenge

Halloween is highly competitive time for the retail sector. Campaigns build towards one big day with brands fighting for their voice to be heard. But in a sea of samey Americanised communications featuring cutesy kids in costumes, there is little that stands out.

We needed to find a fresh angle that was true to a British perspective. Something that would cut-through all the generic little wizards and witches, building brand warmth and mental availability for Sainsbury’s.

To do this, we needed to identify a relatable behaviour that would make our video emotive and shareable. What’s the experience of the average suburban Halloween really like?

The idea

The idea

It turns out that 70% of Brits say they prefer that trick-or-treaters don’t come to their door.

It’s a little pathetic, a little awkward but definitely a British phenomenon worth poking some fun at. The film, born from this insight and analysis of social conversations around Halloween, showcases the ludicrous antics of an unprepared Halloween couple as they attempt to hide from an advancing group of trick or treaters. Because no-one wants to disappoint the neighbours kids.

So, whilst the ATL celebrated children trick or treating, our social activity went the other way and shone a light on the adults answering the door (or not in this case). This allowed us to land a role for the brand naturally within the idea, without it feeling shoe-horned as it so often can be. Scared you’re unprepared? Better come to Sainsbury’s.

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